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Welcome the Bowling Centers Association Of Wisconsin

The BCAW incorporated in 1941 with the vision to organize and serve Wisconsin bowling Centers.

BCAW Vision: It is the vision of BCAW to drive a growing prosperous industry. It is the mission of BCAW to enhance the profitability of its members.

Synergy Creates Results!!!!
Bart Burger, Director of Membership & Educational Services for BPAA was determined to see BPAA have a membership increase for 2014. He instituted a “+1 membership challenge” with a goal of having 3,333 BPAA member centers.  Steve Cieslewicz, now current President of the BCAW has always had his eyes and efforts focused on getting his fellow proprietors to join BPAA/BCAW and reap the benefits both organizations offer.  Yvonne Bennett, BCAW’s Executive Director is also a competitive person and she wanted to see the membership expand and desired to see a Wisconsin bowling center have a chance to be the member that accomplished Burger’s goal.  Three focused individuals with a common goal of increasing membership worked together and the synergy was powerful. Going into Thanksgiving week Burger needed one more member to join BPAA to put them over the top.

Cieslewicz kicked into high gear forgoing deer hunting and personally brought in Cedars III, an eight lane center in Cedarburg and Woodruff Lanes, a six lane center in Woodruff on Sunday following Thanksgiving.

Bennett brought Paper City Lanes an eight lane center in Mosinee on Thanksgiving eve.  Burger was pleased as a kid in a candy store. Steve, Yvonne and Bart had a picture taken with Al Javoroski and Kevin Linden, owners of Paper City Lanes who were able to attend the BCAW Annual Meeting and Trade Show at Dale’s Weston Lanes on December 1-2, 2014. Unfortunately the owners from Cedars III and Woodruff Lanes were unable to attend the meeting and trade show.

Cieslewicz who loves a challenge commented, “Bart needed 3,333 members and we brought in three new members within three days of each other with three of us working hard on the goal in Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin is up two members overall from 2013. Cieslewicz and Bennett with the help of fellow members and staff look to build on the momentum and synergy!
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