MillerCoors Wisconsin State Singles Tournament: April 29, 2017
JB’s on 41 in Milwaukee

millercoorsbballsThe MillerCoors NFL Ball League is a program designed to introduce folks to the fun of bowling with friends.  The MillerCoors NFL Ball leagues will bowl for 8-13 weeks.  At the end of the league, each bowler will receive their very own Green Bay Packers bowling ball.

At participating centers, MillerCoors NFL Ball League champions will be eligible to participate in the MillerCoors Wisconsin State Singles Tournament on April 29, 2017!  Thanks to added sponsorship money from MillerCoors, based on 40 entries at the state finals, a prize fund of $3,000 will be offered.

All bowlers making it to the state finals event will receive an “on the spot” cash payout of $20 at check-in.  All other cash prizes will be based on a 1:5 ratio, with first place being $450 (again, based on 40 entries).

The state finals tournament will be a singles, pins over average type event, benefiting bowlers of all averages and skill!  Because the state finals event is a singles tournament, your league’s format will determine how many bowlers will qualify to this special event.  MillerCoors NFL Ball Leagues may be comprised of doubles (2 bowlers), trios (3 bowlers) or quads (4 bowlers).

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