Wisconsin Pepsi USBC Youth Championships

Regional Pepsi USBC Youth Tournament Dates:  March 23, 24, 30 & 31, 2019  See tab below for 2019 regional results.
U8 & U10 USBC Certification #04528
U12, U15, U17 & U20 USBC Certification #04529

WI Pepsi USBC Youth State Championships Date:  May 11, 2019  See tab below for 2019 state results.
USBC Certification #04523
Location:  Village Lanes, 208 Owen Road, Monona (Girls)
Prairie Lanes, 430 Clarmar Drive, Sun Prairie (Boys)

Check-in: 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.; Announcements: 9:30 a.m.; Practice: 9:45 a.m.
Bowlers will bowl a total of six games.  Each bowler will bowl three games, have 30 – 45 minute break and bowl the final three games.  Awards will be presented upon conclusion of bowling.

Regional Information: Youth bowlers compete in six separate age divisions and boys compete against boys and girls compete against girls. Bowlers advance from their league level in-house qualifying to compete at one of 17 regional competitions across the State of Wisconsin.  Refer to the Regional Tournaments Schedule below.  In 2019, nearly 2,000 boys and girls competed at the regional level.

In age divisions U8 and U10 the bowlers compete for scholarships and awards. They do not advance past the regional competition.

State Information: Boys and girls competing in the U12, U15, U17 and U20 divisions will advance out of regional competition to the Wisconsin Pepsi USBC Youth State Championships. The top boys and girls will earn scholarships and awards. The winning boy and girl in each division will receive an entry to bowl in the 2019 USBC Junior Gold Championships in Detroit.

Thanks to money that the association has from “lapsed Coke/Pepsi scholarships” we will be awarding additional scholarships to bowlers at the regional and state competitions!

  • Girls bowling a 275 or higher game or 700 series will receive a $100 scholarship.
  • Boys bowling a 290 or higher game or 750 series will also receive a $100 scholarship. (Updated 11/21/17)

A bowler may win only one game award and one series award per event (regional and state are considered separate events). So the maximum number of $100 scholarships that may be earned in a single tournament season will be four.

All scholarship money will be placed on deposit at SMART.  For more information, contact the BCAW Office.

2019 Proprietors & Coaches Letter
2019 Pepsi USBC Tournament Rules
2019 Pepsi USBC Tournament Entry Form
Certificate of Achievement

Following are the official 2019 scholarship winners for the U8, U10, U12, U15, U17 and U20 bowlers as well as the 2019 Wisconsin Pepsi USBC State Tournament winners.

USBCHandbookWhat is the Pepsi USBC Tournament?

The Wisconsin Pepsi USBC Youth Championships is a scratch bowling tournament open to all USBC certified youth bowlers bowling in a USBC youth league.


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