With the New Year came an announcement from the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA) regarding the signing of a new industry partner . . . Specialty Insurance Group (SIG).  For those of you who have been around a few years, you are aware of past challenges in securing an insurance partner on a national level, that is competitive with premium rates here in Wisconsin.

BCAW has a long-standing relationship with Alliance Insurance Centers, LLC of Green Bay.  They have been a valued partner to our association and many of our member centers.  They have, however, been limited in their ability to utilize the previous BPAA endorsed insurance companies.  This has been mostly due to the diverse nature of the businesses who have joined BCAW/BPAA through their ownership of bowling lanes as part of their overall operation.

With the new BPAA SMART Buy partnership with SIG, Alliance Insurance Centers, LLC has been named the “approved broker” for Wisconsin, with our complete support.  We are looking forward to their working closely with our member centers to secure the best insurance rates available, based on the unique requirements of each of our 200+ members.

Having a national partner working in the bowling industry is expected to bring increased benefits to all bowling centers; recognizing  the needs of a bar or tavern with six lanes are different from a 24 lane bowling & family entertainment center or 60 lane mega venue with meeting and banquet facilities.

BCAW encourages all members to reach out to Todd Olson, our dedicated agent at Alliance Insurance Centers, to obtain a no obligation quote.  He may be reached by phone (800-844-6622) or by email (tolson@allianceinsurancecenters.com).  Our expectation is that all inquiries will be responded to with quotes from BPAA’s partner SIG, as well as any other reputable insurance companies insuring similar businesses in Wisconsin.

At the end of the day, our goal is for you to be able to find the most cost effective insurance program that meets your business needs.  Utilizing an insurance broker and agent who is familiar with your business and the related risks, is essential in assuring you are covered should the need arise.

Please do not hesitate to contact the BCAW Office with any questions or concerns you may have.