BCAW is an industry leader in the area of providing bowling opportunities for youth bowlers through our High School and Middle School Bowling Clubs (HSBC & MSBC).  This year is the 21st season of the HSBC, with the highly regarded Wisconsin High School State Bowling Championships wrapping up the season in March.  BCAW also conducts the WI Middle School State Championships spring of each year.

As with any successful program, we have seen increases in interest and participation.  The program is largely proprietor driven and volunteer administered.  This year we have experienced some challenges in assuring compliance with the established policies, procedures and rules of these programs.

The BCAW Board of Directors discussed these programs at their recent meeting in December and agreed it is time to convene a work group to review the HSBC and MSBC to assure we are keeping up with the changes impacting bowling centers, volunteers and families who are involved.  We understand most of the people involved at the district and team level are volunteers; contributing out of a personal love for bowling!  We know we need to find improvements to make the program easier for all to administer.

To that end, BCAW will be convening an ad hoc committee to discuss and make recommendations regarding the future of the WI HSBC & MSBC for the 2019-20 season and beyond.  We are inviting interested parties (proprietors, coaches, administrators, etc) to volunteer to serve in this limited one-time commitment.

A limited number of volunteers will be selected to participate in this meeting based on our desire of obtaining a rounded perspective necessary to make improvements to these programs.  Anyone interested is encouraged to complete and return this form to BCAW Executive Director Yvonne Bennett, no later than March 15, 2019.

For more information, please feel free to contact the BCAW office.