This past week, we learned of a new policy put in place by USBC regarding their Registered Volunteer Program (RVP).  In order for USBC to have jurisdiction over volunteers and others who are RVP approved, they now require individuals be a member of USBC prior to taking the SafeSport training, and then proceeding on to apply for RVP approval.

Those who otherwise would not be members of USBC, may join online here: . . . or you can have them join through a league in your center.

USBC has confirmed to BCAW that adult short season USBC membership, available for just $10, is an acceptable membership for the purposes of complying with their membership policy for RVP.  That would be the lowest cost option for folks seeking their RVP if you have such a league in your center.

After communication with USBC and further research, BCAW is not in a position to create a work-around the USBC membership requirement for non-USBC members to apply for RVP approval at this short notice for this year’s HSBC State Championships or the upcoming MSBC season.

Looking ahead, we will be evaluating our options for the 2019-20 bowling season & beyond.  But for this year, we’re going to have to work within the USBC policies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact BCAW Executive Director Yvonne Bennett ( or 262-783-4292, ext. 101).