High school bowlers from around the state came together for the final event of the Wisconsin High School Bowling Club season on Saturday March 9th. The All Star Team Challenge was held at Classic Lanes Fox Valley in Neenah. Proprietor Gary Mack and his team did a fabulous job hosting us. This year’s event saw 13 boys/coed teams and 12 girls teams; a total of 125 student athletes competing for $1,700 in scholarships.

As in past years, spare making was a premium on this year’s Kegel Challenge Series Sunset Strip 3240 lane condition.  After all teams bowled three regular (league format) games, they added scores for ten bakers, after which we cut to the top three for a step ladder finals to determine our team champions.  Teams bowled two baker games in the step ladder.

Our HSBC All Star Team Challenge Champions were District 4 for the girls; and District 9A in the boys/coed division.  Each bowler on the championship teams received a $100 scholarship.

For the girls, the top three teams after qualifying were:
3rd place     District 9         4512
2nd place    District 8         4552
1st place      District 4         4559

Results of the step ladder finals:
District 8 over District 9    326 to 288
District 4 over District 8    350 to 336



For the boys/coed, the top three teams after qualifying were:
3rd place     District 8        4590
2nd place    District 9A      4696
1st place      District 3A      4723

Results of the step ladder finals:
District 9A over District 8       438 to 410
District 9A over District 3A     411 to 397



Our singles champions based on the first three regular games of competition were Skye Derks of Bay Port (District 8) with a 628 series and Jacob Zondlak of Harborside Academy (District 3A) with a 694.  Our singles champions each received a $200 scholarship.

Scholarships were also awarded to our second and third place finishers in the singles competition:
Skylar Bricco (Amherst/District 9) $100 for girls second place
Dylan Henrickson (Green Bay SW/District 8) $100 for boys second place
Alyssa Henrickson (Green Bay SW/District 8) $50 for girls third place
Hunter Greifenhagen (Wisconsin Dells/District 9A) and Nolan Lemke (Peshtigo/District 8) $50 for boys third place (tied)

We want to thank 900 Global for their sponsorship and for bringing 2017 PWBA Rookie of the Year Daria Pajak to this year’s All Star Team Challenge!  Fans enjoyed watching her throw some shots to increase the number of balls to be raffled from four to seven.