Since yesterday afternoon’s Head Pin News Special Edition, we have received inquiries regarding our Peer2Peer article and this comment, “Our league bowlers feel they didn’t get proper closure for the season with the sudden closing of our centers. Very few leagues had their position rounds, playoffs, or league championships decided. I bet if we create small tournaments, eliminators, or other events with less than 10 people, they will gladly come in to participate.”

To clarify, if any bowling center were to choose to host such an activity, they MUST follow all state and local mandates relative to COVID-19 and public health concerns.  Specifically:

  • Your bar & restaurant must remain closed.  This means no food or beverage service permitted.
  • You must keep the occupancy in your bowling center to nine people or less; including the center ownership/staff.
  • Social distancing requiring a minimum of six feet between individuals must be adhered to.
  • Safe sanitation and hygiene must be followed, to include house bowling balls, rental shoes and common area surfaces.

To remind everyone of Governor Evers’ Executive Order announced on March 17, 2020, please refer here, keeping in mind this is a fluid situation and could be changed at any time and with little to no notice.

The specific language from Emergency Order #5 Prohibiting Mass Gatherings of 10 or More is as follows:
We encourage all bowling center owner/operators to follow the mandate and consider the spirit and intent of our public health officials. If you choose to organize small gatherings of bowlers within this context and you are approached by local law enforcement to cease immediately, we hope you will obey and not resist.  We do not want to see any bowling center on the evening news like this defiant bar owner here in the Milwaukee area on St. Patrick’s Day!

Flattening the curve is essential for us to be able to return to our lives as we knew them prior to COVID-19.

Yours in bowling,
Yvonne Bennett
BCAW Executive Director