This past weekend, BCAW hosted an organizational meeting for the 2020-21 season of their High School and Middle School Bowling Clubs.  District Coordinators from all 13 HSBC and 9 MSBC districts were invited to attend.

We reviewed the policies and procedures for both programs, with only one change adopted.  Starting in 2021, students at the state singles events (HSBC & MSBC) will be required to be in their school uniforms rather than personal bowling shirts.  This was adopted to reflect the fact that while the students are competing in the singles event, they are still representing their school and district.

Along with the change in that policy, BCAW Program Manager Roger Dalkin presented revised policies and procedure documents in a new format to allow for easier access to specific information.  The revamped format includes codification and cross checking of the sections for more consistency.  The District Coordinators provided feedback and suggestions to the documents which will be incorporated in the official version.  Once finalized, the policies and procedures will be posted on the websites after Labor Day.

The major discussion centered how the upcoming High School and Middle School Bowling Clubs would proceed given the COVID-19 pandemic to include what if any, accommodations would be made for the upcoming season of competition.  After an extensive discussion involving school issues, local mandates and center policies, there was general consensus that flexibility in conducting this season’s programs was essential for success.

The major points were as follows:

  • Each district will determine the format of competition for the 2020-21 season based on the requirements of their local government, school administrators and proprietors of host centers.
  • The number of required matches necessary to receive state invitations will be flexible depending on the situations within each district.
  • The format of the actual competition will not require face to face matches, but may be conducted on adjoining lanes or possibly through a form of comparing score bowled at different centers. Again flexibility is requested.
  • Districts must obtain approval for any deviation from their bylaws by the district prior to the season.
  • Starting dates for the season will remain with the district, but not prior to the currently published date of November 1st.
  • Currently the state event dates and locations will not be changed.  This includes both state championships tournaments, as well as the HSBC All Star Team Challenge.
  • BCAW will continually monitor developments around the state and will modify state events’ format, location and/or dates if necessary.
  • With the flexibility being discussed, there is still a basic requirement that the spirit and intent of the general rules (i.e. uniforms, substitutions, specifications, academic eligibility, etc.) be retained.

Everyone in attendance agreed this will be a challenging season.  We appreciate everything everyone is doing so we can have a season and request all involved work together with our proprietors, students, coaches and parents to make this a successful season as well.

Look for more information from your local District Coordinator as districts start having their organizational meetings in the near future.