BCAW has posted information, rules and in-center promotional materials for the 2021-22 Wisconsin Adult Youth Scholarship Tournament.  Everything needed to run an in-center qualifying tournament may be found on our website.

This year there will be several changes of note, mostly to help bowling center proprietors, managers and youth directors run more efficient events to qualify teams for our state finals.

1.  The qualifying window for the 2022 State Finals will begin on November 1, 2021, rather than June 1st as in past years.  This was done to prevent entering average issues that may occur due to running a qualifying event between bowling seasons.  Very few summer qualifiers have historically been conducted so we feel this is not going to deter centers from participating in this program.

2.  The option of running an adult-youth league to qualify teams has been eliminated.  A review of the recent past qualifiers shows this is a qualifying format not used by centers and has in the past added to confusion regarding qualifying rules.

3.  The cutoff for the current year “12 games or more” entering average has been moved to earlier in the year to help local qualifying event organizers in submitting complete and accurate entering average information for their teams qualifying for the state finals.

4.  We have highlighted the rules regarding entering averages to make clear all tournament entries must be submitted with the prior bowling season average AND the current bowling season average.  Over the past several years, failure to comply with this rule has resulted in correcting entering averages and adjustments in standings.

We ask all in-center qualifying event organizers and bowling centers to PLEASE read the rules thoroughly as you plan to host a qualifying event for the 2022 Wisconsin Adult Youth Scholarship Tournament.  This year’s state finals will be held at Village Bowl in Menomonee Falls over two weekends, April 23 & 24 and April 30 & May 1.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at the BCAW office.