My first Wisconsin State High School Championships,

I’ve heard of this event for years. Seen pictures. But on March 4th to 6th, I finally got to see my first Wisconsin High School state championship with my own eyes and it didn’t disappoint. I have been to Collegiate events, even Intercollegiate Team Championships (ITCs). I have been to World Youth Championships. And even World Men’s and Women’s Championships. You get the picture, but my point is that my ability to be impressed by a bowling tournament is not something that can be done easily. But that is exactly what happened. The crowds, the cheering, the quality of the athletes and the team comradery were all what I have seen and experienced at elite levels around the world. This is one event that has it all. I am very proud to be the new steward of this event and I will ensure we maintain the integrity of the event into the future so all HS bowling programs can enjoy this great event for years to come!

With that said, we had some great performances this year at the state championships. Starting with the first round of girls’ singles at Super Bowl in Appleton. Zoey Darwin of Monona Grove fired a 300 in the opening game! Then a Baker 300 game by the Sheboygan area Co-op (Sheboygan North, Sheboygan Lutheran, Oostburg and Random Lake) during team qualifying. In the end, Brianna Thompson of Campbellsport took home the state championship for the Girls’ and Xavier Gauthier of Oshkosh West was the boys’ singles champion. For the teams, the Girls’ Division 1 State Champion was Greenfield and for Division 2 the winner was Antigo. Lastly, for the Boys’, winning Division 1 was the Sheboygan Coop, while the winner in Division 2 was Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah. Big congratulations to all athletes, their coaches and especially their parents!

Sheboygan area Co-op (Sheboygan North, Sheboygan Lutheran, Oostburg and Random Lake)


Overall, the weekend was a great success on and off the lanes. Results can be found on our HSBC webpage here; I’d like to thank the staff and volunteers that worked tirelessly at the event. People like the local proprietors who host events and matches at their centers throughout the year. Local (and some not-so-local) volunteers who came out to work the gates, mark scores, answer questions and whatever else was needed.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to the sponsors of the High School State Championships! Without support from Storm, WI State USBC, Bobs’ Business, H5G, QAMF, and others, we would not be able to conduct the event at the level to which everyone has become accustom.Scholarships from the state USBC and Storm truly have an impact on our athletes and their future! With their continued support, and yours, we will make it even better year after year. Thank you!


Support your Sport,

Neil Stremmel

Executive Director

Bowling Centers Association of Wisconsin