By Patrick Brettingen

Youth bowlers across Wisconsin will benefit from the BCAW’s creative use of expiring scholarship funds.

The BCAW will award about $66,000 in scholarships to youth bowlers across the state during the coming year on a one-time basis.

The scholarship dollars originate from a pool of unassigned funds in both BCAW and Pepsi accounts set up with the USBC Scholarship Management and Accounting Reporting for Tenpins (SMART) program. These funds will lapse and be returned to USBC SMART if not used by Aug. 1, 2024. The BCAW Board of Directors approved the allocation at its December 2023 meeting.

The scholarships will be distributed through three BCAW programs – the Wisconsin Pepsi USBC tournament, the High School Bowling Club and the Wisconsin Adult-Youth Scholarship Tournament.

“The BCAW is pleased to be in a position to award approximately $66,000 in scholarships to youth bowlers participating in these programs,” said BCAW Scholarship Ad Hoc Committee Chairman Dan Patterson. “We are grateful to USBC and thank our national governing body for effectively managing our scholarship funds through the SMART program.”

Wisconsin Pepsi USBC Youth: Each youth bowler who qualifies for and participates in a regional event during the 2023-24 Wisconsin Pepsi USBC Youth Tournament will receive an additional $25 scholarship. Last year a total of 1,772 boys and girls competed in the Wisconsin Pepsi USBC tournament across five separate age divisions.

High School Bowling Club: Each of the 14 districts in the Wisconsin HSBC will be provided the opportunity to award $1,000 in scholarship funds to their male and female bowlers that exhibit positive traits as student-athletes. Recommended guidelines for allocation of these awards were provided by the BCAW.

Wisconsin Adult-Youth Scholarship Tournament: Finally, each youth bowler qualifying for and bowling in the state finals of the Wisconsin Adult-Youth Scholarship Tournament will receive a $25 scholarship.

“Any time we have an opportunity to give out additional scholarships to our Wisconsin youth bowlers it’s a great day,” said BCAW President Hank Posnanski. “These student-athletes are the future of our great sport.”